My early training in art began with painting, at the Vorgias school of art in 1987 , Still today, when I find the time, I very much enjoy painting in oils , acrylics or watercolours, The art of tattooing came in my life later as a hobby which I found very interesting, because this gave me the opportunity to practice art, and communicate at the same time, with an open minded clientele. Today I can say for sure that tattooing in my life has moved to a professional level.

Having the pleasure of working next to some of the most creative individuals I’ve ever known, my tattoos and artwork have improved in these last 8 years and my influences are coming from visionary and spiritual arts, religious arts, iconography and Greek pop culture. As a woman, I also believe that my instinct helps me many times to understand what my clients have in their minds, when they don’t feel very sure about the design they want to do.

With all of these interests and influences, my work has moved to a more balanced level, employing symmetry and asymmetry incorporated with the flow of the body, and using as much colour or tone as possible in every piece that I do…pushing my own limits, along with the limits of skin, to improve with every single tattoo I have the opportunity to work on, for every client that sits in my chair.

If asked what my favourite style to tattoo in is, I would reply that as long as I am tattooing, I’m happy, but, for as much as I appreciate black and gray work for its classical appeal, I prefer working also in colour, exploring the possibilities of texture, tone and contrast without much use of black or white. I also very much enjoy the challenges of doing cover-up work in any degree, and welcome the opportunity to rework or cover whatever comes my studio, for this specific reason.

D.A – Athens

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